Amy Chase

Amy Chin

Amy is first-generation Chinese-American born in New York, NY. She is also a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Inspired by her passion in social justice and many travels abroad, she switched careers from marketing to work on human rights and international development. Amy has over a decade of experience  managing and implementing USG-funded projects in conflict, post-conflict, and transitional countries. She has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kosovo, and Rwanda. As a part of her work on global projects, she has conducted trainings on leadership, gender mainstreaming, communications, compliance, and operations.


Amy has a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing Management from Baruch College and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from The New School. She studied abroad with the Institute for Shipboard Education’s Semester At Sea program in Summer 2005 and Fall 2006.


Amy is a certified facilitator for Google's #IAmRemarkable workshop. As an empowerment and career coach, she has conducted and facilitated workshops on women's empowerment, self-advocacy, mindfulness, and career development for non-profit organizations, affinity groups, private clients, and conferences.

Because of Crescendo's support with importing and selling our handmade products, the five women who made these products through our job training program each received 500 euros.
Altina - Manager, Sa-Punë - Kosovo
CHALLENGES: Poverty, Discrimination
Provided: Job Training, Sales Training
Thank you so much for your help. Your advice on structuring the essay was very helpful, and I ended up getting accepted into my first-choice!
Rina - College Student, USA
Provided: Coaching on how to apply for a fellowship with the US federal government
Amy is easy to work with and so knowledgeable. She made a huge difference for me in my career switch planning. I learned about the sector and the technical skills to improve my resume, cover letter, and networking skills. Thank you for everything!
L.C. - Manager, USA
CHALLENGES: Emotional Abuse, Career path
Provided: Career coaching


The Crescendo Group is a social enterprise that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by supporting women and underrepresented groups in the workplace and in public spaces through workforce development activities, career coaching, and empowerment trainings.

Providing Jobs & Income

Having the freedom to earn a living is crucial to women's well-being and ability to contribute to their households. Empirical data shows that women re-invest earnings into their families, such as ensuring their children attend school.

Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Most workplaces are not accommodating to women, BIPOC, and people with disabilities. Oftentimes, it's due to a lack of awareness and knowledge. Accommodating all groups lead to higher productivity and attrition.

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