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Our Mission:


Our goal is to increase and promote diversity in the workforce. To achieve that objective, we are supporting survivors of gender-based violence, minority and vulnerable groups, refugees, immigrants, and people with disabilities through workforce development, career coaching, and leadership training.

Outcomes of our first-stage efforts are evident in the sale and promotion of handmade products produced by refugees and survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and rape. You can shop these handcrafted items in The Bazaar. The majority of the items in our online shop is produced by women in job-training programs. With each purchase, you are helping to increase the economic empowerment and livelihoods of women survivors of armed conflicts, women from marginalized communities, and refugees resettled outside of their home countries.


News and Updates

We will share news and updates on Crescendo’s continued expansion right here, including new workshops, trainings, and events. Be sure to check in regularly or sign up for our newsletter!


in transition…

The online store will be closed on September 28th as we update the website to showcase Crescendo's new services. As Crescendo's brand has become increasingly visible in the social impact space for women, refugees, and other under-represented and marginalized groups, we have been expanding our workforce development and diversity & inclusion (D&I) trainings and activities.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for frequent updates while the website is under construction.

We are open to all possibilities and new collaborations. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with Crescendo or know of an organization that’s a good fit, please connect with us!

Photo by  Clay Banks  on  Unsplash

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Photo by  Pedro Kümmel  on  Unsplash

Questions and Feedback

Since Crescendo was first officially incorporated in April 2018, it has been a very long journey to grow from ideation and germination to what is now a young tree. We welcome all water-bearers. Please send us feedback, comments, and questions. We appreciate all messages!