Washington, DC

Crescendo is collaborating with like-minded organizations and social enterprises around Washington, DC. By leveraging each other’s missions and through cross-promotions, we are increasing the impact of our work.


734 Coffee

734 Coffee was founded by Manyang Kher, a refugee from Sudan. The coffee is grown in Gambela, Ethiopia, and roasted locally in the DC/MD area. Proceeds from the coffee sales support education programs for Sudanese refugees. “Our mission is simple: make great coffee for the greater good. With your support, we can make 7˚N 34˚E not the end of the story, but the start of something wonderful.”


Crafting Love & Hope

“Crafting Love and Hope (CLH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of impoverished families by providing or connecting them with educational, social, and livelihood support. Crafting Love and Hope utilizes a holistic approach to raise families out of poverty and create new opportunities for success and healing by engaging both children and their parents.” The primary beneficiaries of CLH’s programs are refugee women and children. CLH works with Moroccan artisans and Syrian refugees resettled in the US to produce handmade goods. The proceeds support CLH’s programs.



Dafero was founded by Lina Zdruli and Safa to help provide jobs to women refugees in the DC/Maryland/Virginia tristate area. The company’s mission is “to empower women by providing them with English language classes, access to local farmer's markets to support their integration in their communities and the resources to become economically independent.

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Global Center for Refugee Education and Science

“The Global Center for Refugee Education and Science (GCRES) is devoted to breaking down barriers to refugee integration through data-driven intensive language training. We envision a world where every refugee will have the language skills needed to thrive and give back to their new home. In this world, refugees both love their new home and are loved by their neighbors.”