Photo by Shifaaz Shamoon

Photo by Shifaaz Shamoon


We are targeting socially conscious consumers and retailers who are seeking to diversify their product offerings with ethically made goods.


The Crescendo Group is a social enterprise that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by supporting women and underrepresented groups in the workplace and in public spaces through workforce development activities, career coaching, and capacity-building.

Crescendo Bazaar works with survivors of gender-based violence (GBV), women from minority and vulnerable groups, and refugees to increase economic empowerment by developing a marketplace of handmade items for socially conscious consumers and retailers. Together, we are selling more than products; we are raising voices.


We are supporting survivors of GBV, women from minority and vulnerable groups, and refugees by providing jobs through the sale and promotion of their handmade products. These are groups who are often marginalized in their societies due to the stigma attached to rape, domestic violence, divorce, their ethnic groups, and/or their refugee status.

Providing jobs and income

Being able to earn a living is crucial to their well-being and ability to contribute to their households. Empirical data shows that women re-invest earnings into their families, such as ensuring their children attend school.


In addition to earning an income, the survivors are receiving opportunities to hone their skills, create their own designs, and learn about product development, project management, and sales. We help our partners build capacity in: product development, production timeline, supply chain and logistics, and marketing.

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